Professional Experience
United States Army, Fort Hood, TX (March 2010 - Present)
Job Title: Ordnance Officer

  • - Ultimately in charge of a maintenance platoon of approximately 50 personnel
  • - Planned, rehearsed and executed logistics operation on a battalion scale
  • - Efficiently put plans in place to better the platoon in training for future jobs/missions
  • - Handled details with a high degree of confidentiality due to given security clearance
  • - Networked, coordinated and executed movement of equipment and personnel to training
  • - Created web based programs to efficiently conduct proper analysis to a battalion fleet
      Variance & Pacer Percentage Calculators

Herald Dispatch, Huntington, WV (June 2007 - January 2010)
Job Title: PHP Programmer & IT Administrator

  • - Built River Cities Printing Cities web site from the ground up.
  • - Developed back end admin to River Cities Printing web site
  • - Created an online Marshall Football Statistics application
  • - Server, Telelphone server, Network & User maintenance
  • - Builds & Rebuilds of User Computers within the Herald Dispatch network
      (both Mac & PC)
  • - Any miscellaneous hardware or software maintenance

United States Army, Fort Hood, TX (June 2004 - December 2007)
Job Title: Satellite Communication Specialist/Manager

  • - Programmed KU-Band Antennas to create and provide links to data ports
  • - Supervised and managed a small network of antennas within a small tactical hub
  • - Unit's primary training person for both field work and school training
  • - In charge of subordinate's work environment, welfare & evaluations
  • - Handled details with a high degree of confidentiality due to security clearance level given
  • - Had the task of keeping a high level security at all times with the Unit's extremely
      expensive, high priority and Secret equipment

Sites Created:
   www.rivercitiesprinting.com (has a fully functional & complete content management system)
   www.industrial-products-group.com (has a partial content management system)
   www.duboiscountycommunityfoundation.org (has a partial content management system)

I have a Bachelor's Degree in the College of Science from Marshall University. My concentration was Web Development with a minor in Military Science. I graduated in December of 2009.

Computer Skills
The ability to create web applications with PHP, Perl, HTML, XML, SQL, CSS and have worked with AJAX & Javascript, plus able to work with Mac & Microsoft OS, any Microsoft Office & Adobe Create Suite applications and have developed with C++ & VB.